Duo Boring Bars
Duo Boring Bars
Facts & Advantages
  •   Used for Rough Boring application from diameter 20mm to 500mm with scale marked on tool.
  •   Available with options of selecting either Integral / Modular / Flange type (for large diameters) / Side-Lock & Face Mill Arbor type depending on the requirement.
  •   User friendly, quick assembly & quick adjustment ensures minimum loss time.
  •   Most robust & heavy duty solution available for maximum material removal in shortest time possible. Around 2-6mm material can be cut diametrically in one pass depending on the size of insert & material of component.
  •   Comes with options of adding extensions for deep boring applications in modular type.
  •   Most economic solution for the complete range of diameters for Rough Boring applications.
  •   Apart from standard product range, tailor made tools & adaptors are also available on demand.
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering Duo Boring Bar
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering Cartridge
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering Flange
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering Adaptor
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Duo Boring Bar for Chamfering Application
  •   Duo Boring Bars can also be used as adjustable chamfering tools by ordering special chamfering cartridges from Renuka Tools.
  •   Lead time of 2-3 weeks.
  •   Minimum Diameter ØD = Ø8.0mm
Operating Instructions
  •   Firstly do the complete assembly of the Modular type / Flange type / Side Lock type / Face Mill Arbor type Duo Boring Bar. Post assembly (if required), measure the exact diameter on the pre-setter or by using a precise dial indicator..
  •   The boring head is initially set on minimum mark on the scale. (pic 1).
  •   In case you wish to adjust the diameter, loosen the Locking Screw of cartridges with the allen key provided and adjust the diameter using grub screws on the side of the tool. (pic 2).
  •   Use the scale marking to set the required diameter, adjust accordingly and then recheck if the required size is achieved.(pic 3).
  •  If the required diameter is achieved, tighten the locking screws of cartridges with a torque wrench (Recommended) for precise repeatability and to ensure sufficient torque for locking.(pic 2)
  •   The tool is now ready to use.
  •   It is recommended to dismantle the assembly and set to minimum after use, if to be stored for long period without use. Ensure periodic lubrication to avoid damage due to rusting.
  •   Ensure that the locking screw is loosened before using adjustment to avoid internal damage to adjustment mechanism.