Semi-Finish Boring Bars - ISO Cartridge Type
Semi-Finish Boring Bars - ISO Cartridge Type
  •   Tailor made / Customized / Special Tools manufactured for Close Tolerance Boring application of less than 50 microns tolerance based on customer requirements.
  •   Available with Through Spindle Coolant option for better Tool-Life.
  •   Advantage of using these type of tools is that ISO cartridges are globally standard.
  •   For extra long cutting length (L/D>3.5), antivibration boring bars can be manufactured & supplied.
  •   Boring bars with ISO cartridges can also be designed & manufactured for combination boring application.
  •   Cartridges used in boring bars helps in achieving some fine adjustments in dimensions.
  •   Available with option of Side Lock Type, Cylindrical Shank Type, Arbor Type, Integral Taper Type (BT / BBT / HSK / SK / ISO / MT).