BCA Boring Bars
BCA Boring Bars
Facts & Advantages
  •   Used for finish boring application with a range of diameters from 16mm up to 244mm.
  •   Available with fine adjustment option with a Least Count of 10 microns radially.
  •   Available with options of selecting either integral or modular type depending on the requirement.
  •   User friendly & quick adjustment ensures minimum loss time.
  •   Most economic solution for finish boring for a wide range of diameters with precise adjustment in microns.
  •   Tailor made tools with similar concept also available on demand for the application of combination boring & OD turning.
  •  Apart from standard product range, tailor made Boring Bars & adaptors are also available on demand.
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering BCA Finish Boring Bar
Nomenclature Code Key for Ordering Adaptor
OD Turning Tool
  •   Minimum Diameter ØD = Ø12.0mm
  •   All tools with BCA concept for the application of OD turning will be tailor made as per requirements.
  •   Lead time of 3-6 weeks.
Operating Instructions
  •   Follow below instructions to assemble the modular type BCA Boring Bar: a) Clamp the right adaptor on to the boring head with the adaptor bolts provided with the adaptor. b) Post assembly (if required), measure the exact diameter on the pre-setter or by using a precise dial indicator.
  •   The boring bar is initially set on minimum diameter mark. (pic 1)
  •   In case you wish to adjust the diameter, loosen the Locking Screw provided on the rear end of the cartridge with the allen key provided and adjust the diameter using spanner on the nut of the cartridge. (pic 2)
  •   Use the dial marking to set the required diameter, adjust accordingly and then recheck if the required size is achieved. (pic 1 & 3).
  •   If the required diameter is achieved, tighten the locking screws of cartridges with a sufficient torque for precise repeatability. (pic 2).
  •   The tool is now ready to use.
  •   It is recommended to do some periodic lubrication at your end to avoid damage due to rusting.
  •   Please change the locking screw & insert screw ahead in time to avoid accident.